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He is Michael's intellect and has lived inside his brain with the other emotions and states of mind until manifesting himself with the others, he went on to become a friendly youtube staff member who looks after the channel.

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Original yt guy

Michaels Intellect as seen in Emotional Trauma

During the video, he reveals himself when Michael is wondering why Michaels existentialism is also there, Intellect mentions from the other room that its not just his emotions that are coming out but also his states of mind, during this, he is shown to naturally be the smartest out of the bunch but not listened to, it is stated by Michael that he never shows up and he is the reason why he is an idiot, intellect then mentions that he just hides, later on, Michael has a 'moment' and suddenly can't tell if he's the real Michael or not, he shoots himself. Everyone vanishes one by one. As this is happening he creates a device to save everyone, a Continuity Lever, This resets the time around them as if nothing had happened.

A few days pass and inside Michaels' brain Darkside and Intellect discuss the lever, Darkside tried to recruit Intellect to help with his plans, he is reluctant at first but he ultimately decides to help in the end. Darkside then appears before him while he was inspecting the lever and tries to learn more about it, he sees how it can be a weapon and shoots intellect while the leaver is off, he is revived due to being non-human, this slipped Darkside's mind. Intellect then reveals he wants to make something of himself and finally be listened to, so he decides to get a job at YouTube.